Vision Statement

Ash Management is a full service affordable housing and management corporation located in the capital region of Upstate New York. Our goal is to be a profitable leader in the mobile home industry. We will work to best serve our customer’s needs with highly responsive and consistent work. We will focus on enduring the value in our communities. We acknowledge the importance of being accommodating, flexible, and tentative to our customers. We value teamwork, organization, professionalism, and superior customer satisfaction to maintain and improve our company’s integrity and reputation.

Mission Statement

To provide a sustainable quantity of affordable and efficient manufactured homes, in the most sought-after locations in upstate New York. We have staff operating 24/7 to ensure your needs and desires are always addressed in a timely manner.

Teamwork – Although there are many facets of our company, we understand that all members of our team unite under the same goal, superior customer satisfaction

Customer Service – Without our customers, our business would be nothing. Our focus is to fully understand and satisfy the needs and concerns of our customers.

Communication – At Ash Management, we value the importance of transparency with our information to best execute our jobs for our customers. Furthermore, our team communication is vital to achieve our best success.

Training and Development– We will support and motivate all of our employees to ensure they are performing at their optimal level. We will provide training programs, and the knowledge and guidance of fellow employees.

Core Values

Respect – We will be attentive to the needs of our customers and employees through appropriate actions.

Integrity – We will strive to always do what is most ethical and fair.

Communication – We will be as transparent as possible with our full integrity.

Teamwork – We will capitalize the importance of teamwork through encouragement and reward.

Customer Satisfaction – We will consistently work toward producing the happiest customer.