To provide the best affordable housing in clean & quiet communities. We have an inventory of 2-3 bedroom homes available with total monthly payments (including lot rent) ranging from $700-$1300.

At Hoffman Homes we know we are the answer to Saratoga’s affordable housing shortage. So many residents are astonished with how much they get for what they pay. Why pay those big rents when there is no ownership in your dwelling. Also, at apartments, there is no yard or pets allowed and you have shared walls, floors and ceilings with someone who typically plays their music too loud.

Our prices are the lowest in the area. In addition to this we offer different options for you to move in right away.

  • Option 1: Purchasing the home outright. With homes costing about the same as a car many residents just buy it with a check or get a personal loan from a local bank or credit union.
  • Option 2: Apply to our many banks and lenders who loan money exclusively to customers who are purchasing their primary residence. For as little as 10% down get a 25-year mortgage. Get a mortgage payment added to lot rent and be in the $700-$1200
  • Option 3: Rent your new home. We offer 1-5 year lease terms that will astonish you if an affordable new, clean, and sleek house is what you’re looking for.
  • Option 4: A park financed loan. This is where a licensed banker underwrites your loan to us. This is for the bruised credit option where conventional financing is not an option.

These 4 options are discussed briefly here. This is what we do in providing the best, cleanest, and affordable houses anywhere in the region. All applicants have a credit and background check run before we consider if they are people we want to do business with or allow residency in our parks.

We want to gather people who contribute to that community feeling. We welcome all people of diverse backgrounds. Consideration is based on credit worthiness and past history. We are strict about tidiness, cleanliness, and people who want a place to live that is quiet and well kept.

This is a brief description of who we are. We would like to meet you and discuss your housing needs. Our communities are listed here. Please drive through to see if it’s a spot you would like to call home. Our phone number is 518-884-8383. Contact us today for an appointment to discuss your future plans.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warmest Regards,
All the staff at Hoffman Homes